Choosing an ART Feedstock

Your responses to the Project Questionnaire will point us in a direction and help bring into focus your specific waste problem and your objectives in solving the problem. While the ART system accepts many feedstocks [please see Technical Overview, Technology Development Through Feedstock Testing] the majority of consumer waste is centered on tires, plastic and municipal solid waste.

Site Location:
A central criterion for all feedstock is the selection of a project site. Transportation is a major expense. Facilities should be sited in locations within close proximity to either one or a combination of feedstock sources or product end users in order to minimize transportation costs.

An ideal site for municipal solid waste or plastics might be the current land fill or transfer station. These locations are generally properly permitted, neighborhood friendly and have adapted to the truck traffic.

The collection systems for tires are some what unique. Tire piles are placed out of site and out of mind with a less then ideal transportation infrastructure and away from industrial activity which could provide potential markets for the products. Challenges to sighting tire projects include placement of shredding operations and tire storage restrictions.

Volume requirements:
Sustainable volumes are essential. As indicated in the Project Questionnaire, a 72 ton per day tire system can process 2.25 million tires per year. Art systems are capital intensive. Sustainable volumes for 10 years are required to retire the capital cost.

Product Value:
We must optimize the economical use of the products of vapor gas, oil and carbon char.

Conrad Industries is ready to partner with the project owner in this effort. We have knowledge of markets, products, product refinement and industry requirements for a myriad of product applications.

Conrad Industries has a vast data base of ART technology information. We offer significant project support and assistance to bring a waste recycling project utilizing the ART System to fruition.

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