Project Support

Conrad Industries long operating experience has afforded a vast data base which addresses many relevant issues necessary to develop and implement a profitable commercial scale recycling facility utilizing the ART System. The following denotes some of the support CI provides the purchaser of our system.

Financial Projection
Conrad Industries has developed a 10 Year Financial Projection Model which, with inputs from specific project revenue and expense projections will provide valuable data to assist in determining project economic viability.

Product Marketing
The CI product marketing data base contains volumes of information to aid in optimizing product value. Information includes, product analytical, product value added technologies and diverse marketing approaches.

Site Development
CI has developed a Site Questionaire to aid the purchaser in assessing site suitability. Areas of significance include ingress/egress, transportation infrastructure, utilities, topographic conditions, local support resources, environmental regulations and long term future use considerations.

Plant Layout
CI has capabilities to recommend equipment placement and integration, material flow and operational functions to avoid bottlenecks and to ensure efficient facility operation.

Plant Operation
CI has defined project labor to include managers, instrument/reliability/technical supervisors, equipment operators, feedstock receiving and preparation personnel, product and traffic, cleanup and office staff. Shift schedules are designed to facilitate operational efficiency, information flow, supervision and training.

The dynamics of environmental regulations has necessitated CI in staying abreast of and implementing best business and operational practices. CIís experience includes all regulatory areas inherent with a fully operational 24/7 recycling facility. Regulatory requirements include stack and fugitive emission, stormwater, spill control, and solid waste management.

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