ART General Description

ART systems are designed in modules of 24, 36, 48 and 72 ton per day capacities. The systems will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 15% downtime for maintenance is built into the operating parameters and financial projections. A commercial system can be developed for all of the feedstocks that have been tested.

General Description

1. Thermal pyrolyzer:
Components include reaction vessel heating chamber, reaction vessel, material auger and process heating equipment. This system may be self-sufficient in heating requirements after the initial heat-up period.

2. Proprietary material in-feed system:
Electrically operated and electronically controlled. Components include feed surge bin, weigh belt feeder, air lock system and infeed auger. Feedstock is to be a clean 2 - 4 inch minus shred as defined and designated by Seller.

3. Complete pre-fabricated modular control room:
Pre-wired and fully equipped with a computer controlled logic system specifically designed to provide complete automatic control of interlock, safety, control and alarm systems. Components include active color matrix operator interface touch screen, data acquisition and storage, input/output control function systems and motor control center for power distribution, motor starters, controllers and drives.

4. Complete packaged pyrolysis gas processing module:
Includes quenching, scrubbing and separating equipment to provide gas and liquid recovery. All components and configurations of the module are proprietary and includes variable venturi quenchers, vertical multi-venturi flexitray scrubber, duplex mist eliminator, duplex entrainment separator, duplex vacuum blowers, gas cooling/condensing cyclone, duplex flame arrestor and control valve train, light fraction chiller, cooling heat exchangers, flow control valving, oil fraction receivers, oil filter/solids recycling system and oil/water separation and water remediation system.

5. Enclosed waste gas flare and pyrolysis gas safety relief/surge system.
6. Solids out-feed system:
Includes a closed loop water cooled out-feed conveyor, airlock system and sealed conveyor to move product to a classifier, classifier to separate solids (eg. carbon char, steel and fiberglass from tires), sealed conveyor to move product to a collection container.

7. Nitrogen generator:
To supply 97% purity nitrogen purge for infeed and outfeed airlocks.

8. Hydraulic system:
To provide rotational power for the pyrolyzer auger systems and for the actuation of reamers and process isolation gates in the normal and emergency modes.

9. Training and Commissioning Supervision:

A. Training:
Training will be conducted at point of manufacture with additional operator training conducted for appropriate personnel during on-site installation and start-up. Operations and maintenance manuals will address mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic components of the system. The seller will administer a training coordinator to oversee training protocol. Training aids will include manuals, internet, process simulators and other appropriate training media technologies.

B. Installation:
Seller will provide qualified personnel to supervise set-up and start-up of the equipment. Detailed equipment and arrangement drawings will be provided as a basis for Purchaser to prepare installation site prior to shipment of equipment.

C. Start-up:
Start-up begins after installation and after all mechanical, electrical, etc. is complete, the unit has received preliminary testing and is ready for start up, testing, balancing and operation at rated capacity. Seller shall commit to transfer the maintenance and repair technology to the maintenance/repair organization designated by the Purchaser during the test operation and performance test period.

10. Equipment Spare Parts:
The Manufacturer will supply an initial inventory of critical and safety related equipment parts and components. The Manufacturer strives to utilize off-the-shelf parts and components to facilitate accessibility, reliability and availability.

11. Support Services:

A. Process:
The Seller during equipment construction shall conduct a process evaluation developed and controlled by the Seller, inputing the feedstock characterization, product characteristic and volume targets, emission limits and other inputs specific to the project. The purpose of which is to glean pertinent data which may be incorporated into the manufactured equipment and to address anticipated regulatory and safety and health requirements.

B. Technology and Equipment:
The Manufacturer will make available to Purchaser any and all technology and equipment improvements, updates and notifications and will make available for purchase to the Purchaser any future operational, safety or regulatory improvements and modifications relating to equipment.

C. Monitoring Scheme:
The Manufacturer has incorporated certain equipment capabilities in order to monitor from Sellerís location process parameters, material balance, alarms and critical functions for a period of time defined by warranties and service agreements.

D. Project:
Seller will provide at their discretion, applicable data from their operation, product, marketing and environmental databases to facilitate project startup and as contribution toward realization of optimum project revenue.

12. Manufacturer Warranty:
Manufacturer following installation, commissioning and final payment will for a period of one (1) year warranty all equipment which has been properly installed and properly operated, to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

13. Indemnification:
Purchaser further agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Seller and the Manufacturer against any and all claims against any person, entities or agencies whatsoever arising out of or resulting from unsuitable foundation, the erection and operation of the machinery. The Seller does not represent the equipment to perform within certain emission limits. Emissions are predicated upon a specific feedstock, system maintenance and operating parameters, none of which are controlled by the Seller.

**Specific descriptions, conditions and limitations are defined in the Purchase Agreement.

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