Technology Development Through Feedstock Testing

To further advance our technology, Conrad Industries, Inc. has continued to develop processing information on various feedstocks. These feedstocks vary in chemical composition and physical characteristics.

Critical Areas of Investigation
Material Handling Equipment Design Affect on equipment life cycle Feedstock preparation - pelletize, shred, dry
Comparative Throughput - residence time, heat transfer
Process Severity Material Balance - product yield
Hazard Evaluation Chemical reactions and chemical compatibility's
Neutralization/isolation/capture of chemical impurities
Residuals treatment, storage and disposal
Chemical analysis Environmental Impact - emissions
Health and Safety
Operator Training
Product Quality and Enhancement
Process Economics
Technical feasibility
Product marketability

Feedstocks Tested
Mixed post-consumer plastic
Single stream post-consumer plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, polyesters, PET, PVC, ABS
Carpet and carpet pads
Facemask material
Magnetic tape
Auto shredded residue
Distillate bottoms
Municipal solid waste (MSW)
Refuse derived fuel (RDF)
Oil drilling mud Valdez cleanup material
Shipboard solid waste
Canadian tar sands
Sheet mold compound

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