Integrated Material Flow

The Conrad/Kleenair Advanced Recycling Technology (ART) System* comprises the majority of the equipment required within five basic integrated project equipment sub-systems:

1. Material handling to receive, prepare, store, convey and meter feed into the reaction vessel:
Receiving equipment ie. forklift, bail breaker
Conveying to preparation systems
Preparation equipment ie. shredder, pelletizer, dryer
Conveying to storage area
Storage area
Conveying system to surge bin
Feed surge bin*
Weigh belt feeder*
Air lock equipment*
Infeed auger*

2. ART unit for the thermal decomposition of the feedstock:
Reaction vessel heating chamber*
Reaction vessel*
Material auger*
Process heating equipment*
Safety relief devices, redundant equipment and interlocks*
Nitrogen safety purge*
Hydraulic and pneumatic systems*

3. Gas processing and oil handling systems:
Oil condensing system*
Oil fraction receivers*
Air/Oil heat exchangers*
Vacuum blower*
Oil filter/solids recycling system*
Oil/Water separation and water disposal system*
Enclosed waste gas flare*
Oil piping to storage
Bulk oil storage tank farm: weighing system, integrated piping / valving
Gas piping to flare, co-generation or gas compression equipment

4. Solids handling system:
Solids cooling auger*
Air lock equipment*
Conveyor to classifier*
Classifier to separate solid fractions ie tire feedstock; carbon char, steel and fiberglass*
Conveying to storage vessels for carbon char, steel and fiberglass
Filter receivers / isolation valving
Carbon char storage silo and other solid fraction storage vessels

5. Computer controlled logic system:
Operator interface using an active matrix color touch screen*
Multiple control functions (time-temperature-pressure-vacuum-speed-flow-etc.)*
Data acquisition-logging-storage*
Safety interlocks and control input-output through a Programmable Logic Controller*
Motor Control Center for power distribution to motors, valves, sensors, etc.*
Asset and maintenance management systems

* Included in the ART system

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