Solid Waste

Waste Sources:
Residential - single/multiple family, apartment, condominium
Commercial - retail trade, office complex
Institutional - medical facilities, schools, prisons
Industrial - manufacturing, chemical processing

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
White goods - appliances - washer, dryer, water tanks, stove
Durables (other) - small appliances, furniture, furnishings, carpet, rugs, other
Electronics, computer PC, monitor, keyboard
Lights, fluorescent tubes, CRT (cathode ray tube)
Waste oil, antifreeze
Batteries - lead acid
Glass bottles and jars (clear, brown, green) - beer, soft drink, wine, liquor, food, other
Glass (other)- auto, plate
Corrugated Containers, cardboard, fiber
Mixed paper - books, phone books, mail, commercial printing, milk folding cartons, bags, sacks, wrappings
High grade paper
Steel cans, tin plated and aerosols
Steel (other) - plate, structural
Steel packaging - barrels, drums, pails, strapping
Aluminum cans - beer, soft drink, food, other
Aluminum packaging - foil, closures
Non-ferrous metal - brass, copper
Plastic bottles (PVC, PET - clear / HDPE - cloudy & milkjugs) - milk, soft drink, water
Plastic film
Plastic packaging (other)
Plastic (other misc.) - trash bags, bags/sacks, wraps, rigid containers, plates/cups
Milk juice cartons
Rubber (other misc.) - mats
Textiles - clothing, footwear, sheets, pillowcases
Wood waste - pallets, shipping containers, building remodel, manufacturing, construction
Insulated wire
Organics (other misc.) - tissue paper, towels, paper plates/cups, diaper, non & misc.packaging, misc. non-durables
Inorganics (other misc.)
Yard waste - grass clipping, leaves, shrub/tree trimmings, garden residue
Food waste - table scraps, produce waste, meat trimmings, spoilage
Hazardous waste (residential) - paint, acids, cleaning, aerosols
Hazardous waste (commercial, institutional, industrial)

Other Waste Streams
Agricultural, Wood Harvesting, Mining waste and residue
Slaughter house waste
Sludges - sewage treatment, car wash
C & D (construction & demolition) - gypsum, asphalt, roofing, plastic, vinyl, electrical wire/fixtures, insulation, masonry
Industrial process waste - solid, liquid
Hazardous waste (industrial) - TCE, IPA, thinner, MEK, used oil, plating sludge, SME, alkalis, acids
Combustion ash
Auto - hulks, parts, interior, fluff
Medical waste - red bag, sharps, pathogen/carcinogen, body parts

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